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 MKTG 310 Week 8 Final 下一篇主題
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目前等級: 搶眼新秀
安打能力: 0 0
長打能力: 0 0
跑壘速度: 0 0
傳球肩力: 0 0
防守能力: 0 0
球隊定位: 中外野八棒
投打方向: 右投右打
入隊時間: 2014-02-06
本季年俸: 20万
監督評價: 0分
球迷評價: 0分

MKTG 310 Week 8 Final


Complete course guide available here - http://entire-courses.com/mktg-310-week-8-final

MKTG 310 Week 8 Final

This paper of MKTG 310 Week 8 Final gives the answers on:
1. (TCO 1) Briefly explain how marketers play a significant role in our view of the world and how we live in it. Give a specific example.
1.2.(TCO 2) Who are born-again Christians, and why are marketers interested in this group?
1.3.(TCO 3) Although the relative size of age cohorts within a culture is determined by a number of factors that can vary from one generation to the next, what is the primary cause of the relative size of the same age cohort differing betweencultures?(Points : 25)
1.4.(TCO 4) List the primary needs displayed in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Give an example of a product that fits each need form.(Points : 25)
Question 5.5. (TCO 5) Blind taste tests in the 1980s showed that most Coke drinkers preferred a cola that was sweeter than the current product. When Coca-Cola attempted to make its product sweeter, brand loyal customers revolted and demanded the old product be returned. Explain how Coca-Cola marketers could have used the principles of psychophysics to introduce New Coke without creating these problems. (Points : 25)
1.(TCO 6) Referring to the three stages of limited development, cued development, and strategic, explain why many consider it unethical to advertise to children.(Points : 25)
1.7.(TCO 7) Both the Fishbein model and the extended Fishbein model attempt to measure the influence of attitudes. What was the flaw in the original model and what was added in the extended model to correct this flaw?
1.8.(TCO 8) A professor came to class dressed in a formal shirt and tie. He stated that he would like to explain the concept of self. He took off his tie and shirt. Underneath he had on a t-shirt with a picture of a handsome tennis player on the front. Then the professor turned around to show a picture of a cartoon clown on the back. "All of these are who I am," he said. What point was the professor trying to make and what did his choice of varying dress forms and associated iconic symbols most likely represent?
1.9.(TCO 9) Demonstrate how a marketer could use neuromarketingto advance the cause of his product. You may use any example you choose for your demonstration.
(TCO 10) In some environments, it is very difficult to dispose of used products. Explain what special types of disposal problems are created by densely populated areas and what type of business could be created in Manhattan, New York, or in Hong Kong that would take advantage of this difficulty.


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